About Us

connie teems joseph carter realty

Hey there all! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I was born and raised in Bremen, AL which is a small town in Cullman county very close to Smith Lake. As a matter of fact, some of my best memories are on that beautiful lake. Once I graduated high school, I thought the medical field was my calling but soon found out that the passion just wasn’t there and decided to take a chance in sales. I began my “sales career” as a Mary Kay beauty consultant and soon became a Mary Kay Director, earning 3 career cars. While I was enjoying my Mary Kay career, we decided to put our home on the market. I met with a sweet real estate agent and we sold our home in 3 days. I WAS HOOKED!! It was the best experience and I so wanted to be a part of helping other people in the same way she helped us. Soon after our home sold, I turned in my Mary Kay keys and focused on taking my real estate classes. Once those classes were done, the test was passed and my career shot off like a rocket! I have helped so many clients just in the past 3 years and each one always holds a very special place in my heart!! I currently live in Crane Hill near Smith Lake with my husband, John. (Yes, I’m still a “small-town girl” and I still love my small town with our big lake.) We have three of the sweetest children (Erik, Levi and Taylor), one precious daughter-in-law (Riley) and a grandson that hangs the moon (Holter Mack)!!

I have worked with a couple of power house agencies in just the past few years and learned so much along the way. I am so thankful for each and every experience. With that being said, I wanted to start my own agency with bits and pieces of what I had learned along the way. My husband and I brainstormed for several months on a business plan that would not only help you, our customer, but also help build a strong agency for our agents. We decided on the name Integrity Real Estate because we believe that you should treat every single person the way that you would want to be treated. We, at Integrity, believe in always doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. We promise we will always give you our best and it will always be done with INTEGRITY! We are super excited about our new journey and we cannot wait to hear from you!!!